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Network Operation






Time International helps Service Provider to operate their network efficiently by ensuring high network availability, and by detecting faults proactively



Network Management
 - Provide equipment inventory for all sites
 - Generate Network topology of the existing network
 - Assure proper configuration of all network equipmen
 - Customize of NMS software to maximize utilization
 - Obtain and generate the required reports.
 - Tune networks to assure best performance and availability

Network Operation:
 - Network performance tuning and monitoring
 - Network security and integrity
 - Fault Resolution
 - Repairs and dispatch

Network Maintenance
 - Installing and upgrading the network equipment
 - Restoring/Recovering network equipment.
 - Troubleshooting and resolving of all network problems.
 - Performing preventive maintenance of network equipment
 - Generating incident reports and problem management.

Resource Management:
 - Allocation of network resource, IP addresses, etc...
 - Tracking of facilities and their status
 - Managing device inventory, use, and replenishment


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