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Network Build Commissioning and Audit






Time International can play a key role in network expansion and infrastructure projects. TI offers wide range of services that can reduce the time-to-market and maintain the highest level of quality



Network Build and Commissioning
 - Network Sites: POPs, Hubs COs and Co-locates
 - Equipment: switches, routers, cross connects, cabling and panels
 - Inside/outside plant fiber and network facilities
 - Racking and cabling
 - User Acceptance Testing
 - Support and Maintenance
 - Documentation and operator training

Maintaining an accurate network inventory can be time-consuming and costly, but it is essential to have in order to deliver services properly. Time International enables enterprises to keep track of the network resources.

Network Audit
 - Physical and logical audits
 - Network capacity management
 - Data integrity
 - Service and process improvement


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