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Time International employs state-of-the-art Canadian and German technologies

Time International is affiliated with Total Remedies Ltd. Canada to provide the most advanced equipment and talent manpower


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About Time International

Time International is a leading corporation providing state-of-the-art technologies in the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Advanced Control Systems, and Telecom Networks fields.

We take the burden and ownership of providing comprehensive services starting from planning to the final deployment. We believe in providing complete solutions for our clients. Our affiliation with highly reputable international corporations like Total Remedies Ltd. Canada, coupled with our dedication enabled us to be a leader in the field of Integrated Technology Solutions (ITS). Our services span wide ranges of technologies and disciplines.

We are the ultimate provider for leading edge Integrated Technology Solutions. Our seasoned consultants and highly specialized teams have built a solid reputation in developing solutions that automate the operations, simplify the troubleshooting, minimize the overhead, maximize the utilization, extend the equipment lifetime, and integrate smoothly and efficiently to protect the previous investment while exploiting the highest level of available technologies.

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