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Network Design and Engineering






Utilizing solid techniques for designing end-to-end network, TI provides its customers with unparalleled services. Time International provides Telecom companies with comprehensive designs that allow end-to end circuit management, guarantee Quality of Service (QoS), and map physical resources with logical facilities

TI employs state-of-the-art design and modeling software packages to implement advanced technologies and enable Telecom Providers to achieve their strategic business goal



Network Design and Engineering:
 - Requirements specifications
 - System capacity engineering
 - Software and hardware requirements
 - Design concept
 - System / Subsystem interface requirements and specification
 - System components
 - Concept of execution
 - Operational concept

Infrastructure Design and Engineering
 - Inside Plant and outside plant
 - Network Sites: POPs, Hubs, COs and Co-locates
 - Equipment: switches, routers, cross connects, cabling and panels
 - Inside/outside plant fiber and network facilities
 - Multi protocol designs for fiber and copper networks infrastructures
 - Analog lines, digital lines, VOIP Lines, PBXs, Centrex, etc…
 - Data enterprise networks and internet
 - High-speed access for ISPs service levels
 - Wireless, Cellular, Cordless
 - TV Access (Cable and ThirdPlay Technologies)

Capacity Planning:
 - Report generation for effectively planning and managing the network
 - Trend analysis and forecasting for anticipate future capacity needs.


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