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التخطيط و التصميم و اعداد المواصفات و المعايير

هندسة العمليات

برمجة الأنظمة

التركيب و الاعداد و الفحص


لمزيد من التفاصيل الرجاء الاطلاع على القسم الانجليزي





Design And Implementation Of Complex, Large Scale Systems




- Multi Vendor Equipment Optimization For The Entire System
- Simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) Designs
- Short-term And Long-term Load Forecasting And Management
- Rules and Scenario-Based Operation


Integration With The Enterprise Infrastructure System



- Integrating Old / New Systems Smoothly And Efficiently 
- Protect Previous Investments While Exploiting The Most recent     Technologies 


System Evaluation, Upgrades, And Migration



- Systems Tests And Upgrades Options
- Current Method Of Operation Documentation
- SCADA Systems Redeployment And Systems Enhancement
- Bottlenecks And Inefficiencies Detection And Repair





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